Communication in the Digital Age

Published On: March 20th, 2024|Categories: Definitions, tools, and knowhow|

As our world becomes increasingly digital, many employees are turning to digital communication methods over what older generations perceive as traditional face-to-face interaction. The question arises: is this shift in communication methods the right approach for effectively engaging with one’s employer, or is it merely a passing trend?

Tasks such as calling in sick, notifying of tardiness, requesting time off, or explaining absence the following day were traditionally handled through direct conversations by older generations. However, today, we often observe these communications occurring through emails or texts, sometimes with minimal information provided or even without any communication at all.

Effective communication is pivotal in understanding our employees and employers, comprehending the reasons behind various occurrences, decision-making processes, and individual progression. But can we achieve this same level of understanding in the digital realm? Do emails and texts provide sufficient opportunities to learn about our employees?

While digital communication offers efficiency and convenience, we believe that human interaction remains crucial in employee development. It’s not just about communicating reporting times or absences but also understanding employees’ job satisfaction, career aspirations, interest in different roles, desire to learn new skills, and overall happiness in their current positions. Regular conversations allow us to tailor roles to fit individual strengths, ensure employee satisfaction, and foster professional growth.

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