What is staffing?

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Staffing is the act of hiring or employing someone for an open position. Staffing is often a reference to hiring and the process it takes to fill the open position. This is done by internal divisions within an organization, such as a human resources department, or by a third-party, outside employment agency, or a recruiting firm, commonly called staffing agencies. The ultimate goal of staffing is to analyze the workforce, identify the need, and find the perfect fit for an open position.  


What is the process of staffing?  

  • Workforce analysis of open positions  
  • Assigning support to work on the positions 
  • Building job descriptions  
  • Posting job descriptions 
  • Initial screening of resumes  
  • Coordination of interviews  
  • Interviewing  
  • Selecting or rejecting candidates  
  • Sending out new hire paperwork and onboarding documents – I9’s, w4’s, possible background checks, and/or drug screens 
  • Coordination with management on agendas, training, and expectations  
  • Starting candidates  
  • Follow up with newly hired candidates and their management 


 Why is staffing an important process for businesses?

  • Staffing enables an organization to remain fully staffed during times of seasonal surges or uncertain economic conditions
  • It ensures the continual growth of an organization’s workforce 
  • It helps the organization develop and grow by allowing employees to move into broader and more specialized positions 
  • Standardization of corporate requirements and culture 
  • It improves organizational efficiency, development, and growth 
  • It builds an ecosystem within the organization that is based on performance  
  • It saves time and money for the organization
  • Overall general liability and workers’ compensation costs are reduced
  • It creates a broader pool of candidates that might not typically apply to a specific company
  • Onboarding time is drastically reduced, creating the ability to hire quickly and efficiently

Who is Eastern Staffing & Recruiting?

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