What is contract to hire?


Please reference this INDEED article. It does an excellent job of explaining what it is and its pros and cons for job seekers.


What does contract to hire mean?


Often referred to as staffing recruitment, temp-to-hire, or long-term to permanent work. This type of position is offered from the staffing company to a candidate on a contract to permanent basis. 99% of our contract to hire roles are full time positions. Candidates will have to work a specific amount of time for the staffing company to be considered for a permanent offer from the client company. Candidates will have to work directly for the staffing company until the contract hours have been fulfilled. This allows the company and the candidate an opportunity to try the position before making a long-term commitment.  This is a great proving ground for candidates to try a new industry, position, or company. It also offers the company a place to evaluate the performance and placement of the new candidate. 


What’s the difference between contract to hire and direct hire?

There are very few differences between the two. For the most part, it comes down to where the employee is going to get paid from and who covers the benefits for the employee. For a contract to hire employee payroll comes from the staffing agency. The hiring process and interviewing process remain the same.

Who determines the type of position?

The client company determines whether the position is short term, long term to permanent or direct hire. These positions are set by a contract to hire agreement set between the staffing agency and the company.

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