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Eastern Staffing & Recruiting is a full-service staffing, recruiting, and talent acquisition firm. For the past 37 years, we have strived to be the highest-quality talent acquisition firm in our perspective markets. Since 2019, Eastern Staffing & Recruiting has operated in Charleston, South Carolina, supporting many growing industries with temp staffing, contract recruiting, and professional recruiting initiatives.

Eastern Staffing & Recruiting Charleston supports the following industries:


Manufacturing/Light Industrial Staffing:

From assembly to machine operation, tool and die maker, purchasing to maintenance, we have worked on all aspects of manufacturing. From our beginning, Eastern Staffing & Recruiting has built our brand on being a subject matter expert within the manufacturing staffing industry. Manufacturing has been the core of our business since 1986. Our goal has always been to offer a high-touch recruiting model that offers best-in-class candidates to companies that are in a highering pinch looking for best-in-class candidates. Manufacturing recruiting in Charleston, South Carolina, is a very competitive market. With large international automotive and aerospace manufacturing companies in need of thousands of skilled manufacturing employees in the Charleston market, it has put extreme pressure on mid to small organizations’ ability to draw the interest of these potential manufacturing employees. Eastern Staffing & Recruiting has been an advocate for mid to small manufacturing organizations, helping broaden their recruiting footprint by finding skilled and viable candidates.

Engineering Recruiting:

We fulfill dozens of engineering positions annually. Some of our common placements include mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, and field service engineering. Engineering recruiting takes a very thorough and educated talent acquisition process. Not only are these large international manufacturing companies in pursuit of these engineers, but the architecture and construction firms are as well. With the boom in the infrastructure of Charleston and its housing market, skilled engineers of all types are in extreme demand. Since engineering recruiting is such a hot area for the market, these candidates need very little effort to find their next career move. This ultimately leaves the job boards flooded with hundreds of companies looking to fill the same type of position, which offers them very few candidates as a result. Engineering recruiting requires a very dedicated and aggressive approach, Eastern Staffing & Recruiting has always worked in very competitive markets or markets with low candidate interest. We take the approach of leaving no solution unturned.

Accounting and Finance Recruiting:

Accounts receivables clerks, accounts payable clerks, bookkeepers, corporate accountants, and certified public accountants. Eastern Staffing & Recruiting has a thorough approach to finding, screening, and placing top candidates within finance. Organizations are always looking to improve their backend finance and accounting support. Eastern Staffing & Recruiting has a very trained approach to finding, screening, and hiring the right talent.

Warehouse and Distribution Staffing:

Warehouse associates, forklift operators to inventory control. We are a top recruiting agency of choice for warehouse and distribution staffing solutions, from needing a couple of candidates to fulfilling during the peak time of 200 active candidates. Warehouse and distribution staffing is another core of our business. Eastern has been working with large warehouse and distribution clients for over 30 years, and we have had the pleasure of filling thousands of great candidates within this space. Eastern Staffing & Recruiting is Charleston, South Carolina’s best staffing agency choice for production warehouse recruiting solutions.

Food Service Staffing:

Eastern Staffing & Recruiting has over 20 years of food service staffing experience for large corporate healthcare management companies to large universities with many dining halls. Our ability to provide corporate food management organizations with skilled workers is the best in the food services staffing industry. Charleston has some of the best restaurants in the united states. It only makes sense that one of Charleston’s biggest industries is food services. Restaurants, hotels, universities, hospitals, and food trucks are in constant need of skilled and flexible food service staffing. Eastern Staffing & Recruiting started our food service recruiting in the late 1980s, supporting large university and healthcare systems with dedicated pipeline recruiting support for these large operations. With many onsite locations requiring hundreds of employees, we build tailor-fitted recruiting models to support each of these locations with a large volume of candidate support.

Pharmaceutical Recruiting:

Over the past five years, Eastern Staffing & Recruiting has been a top choice for pharmaceutical recruiting. From manufacturing technicians, tableting, mixing, packaging, environmental health & safety, and production management to quality control or assurance, we have filled it all. Pharmaceutical recruiting is a very unique area and requires an educated and dedicated team. Whether for high-volume staffing or ultra-specific recruiting, Eastern has been a leader in the pharmaceutical recruiting space.

Legal Recruiting:

Legal Assistants, paralegals to a variety of different attorneys. Eastern has been fulfilling legal office support for a number of years. We pride ourselves on the ability to find, screen, fill and retain top-quality candidates within the legal space. Whether it’s for personal injury, workers’ compensation, to class action recruiting, Charleston has a lot of options for legal support. Just drive up US-26, and you will see scores of legal firms that you might have never heard of. With all the competition, it makes it a tough market for law firms to find skilled legal assistants, paralegals, and associate attorneys. Eastern Staffing & Recruiting has been very successful in this space, and our ability to find skilled passive candidates is unparalleled. If your law firm is having trouble finding quality candidates, contact Eastern and learn about our legal recruiting solutions.

Information Technology (IT) Recruiting:

We fulfill a broad range of information technology positions from helpdesk, desktop support, systems administration, software development, software engineering, database administration to management. Eastern Staffing & Recruiting is the premier IT Recruiting Agency in Charleston, South Carolina.

Voted one of the best employment agencies in Charleston

Since we opened our North Charleston location in 2019, Eastern Staffing & Recruiting has been voted a top staffing and recruiting organization. Check out our press awards, Google, and employee reviews. Our goal is to be the best staffing agency in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Eastern Staffing & Recruiting Charleston, South Carolina, would love to help you find great talent. Contact us today to learn more about how we can expand your search and find you your next best employee. Since the beginning, our goal has always been to partner with outstanding organizations to support best-in-class staffing, recruiting, and talent acquisition solutions. We are large enough to support broad recruiting initiatives yet small enough to care about every detail in the process. Looking for a motivated staffing partner, contact us today to learn why we can help your organization fulfill its staffing goals.

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